Santa Gadea, an eco-sustainable farm, a circular economy:

1. Organic agriculture, livestock and creamery: a farmstead model. Our 1000+ herd of goats (T3M4 qualification, CAEV-free) is fed our own organic crops.

2. Green energy generation: 2 solar PV panel parks (450 kW), whose electric power output is 3 times the total input needed to run the far, as well as a wind farm (20 MW) installed in our premises, which provides green energy to 20,000 households.

3. Forest management: we have reforested our lands with more than 120,000 trees (Pinus silvestres, Quercus ilex, Ilex aquifolium, Cherry and Walnut trees).

4. Bacterial technology: the only fertiliser used on our lands is the result of cold-composting our goat’s bedding, which is transformed into a rich, organic, GMO-free compost via a bacteria-based natural booster. During this anaerobic process of fermentation, over 50% of CO2 and methane emissions is saved. Santa Gadea has a negative carbon footprint.

5. Waste treatment: during each daily cheese production, excess whey is stored and used as a fantastic nutritious add-on to the organic silage that is fed to our goats, as well as for composting our goat’s manure.

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